Strawberry Cheesecake Caramel Apple


Strawberry Kissed Caramel Apple

The Big Bear Chocolates Strawberry Kissed Caramel Apple is a fruit lovers dream. Think delicious chocolate covered strawberry with more tangy chocolate. Its delicious, and you will love eating this apples whenever your ready for a tasty treat!


Strawberry Cheesecake Caramel Apple

The Big Bear Chocolates Strawberry Cheesecake Caramel Apple is a dessert lovers dream. Think delicious Cheesecake topped with strawberry. It’s delicious, and you will love eating this apple whenever you’re ready for a tasty treat!

Who is Big Bear Chocolates?

Big Bear Chocolates is one of the nations premier caramel apple and fudge creators. Headquartered in Spokane, Washington, Doug and Julie have been making  delectable treats for over 15 years! Specializing in made from scratch fudges and apples, we introduce seasonal flavors, limited editions, and various treats all throughout the year!

All of our fudges are 100% made from scratch weekly. Blending together the highest ingredients possible including cocoa, milk, sugar, salt, and butter, we combine our ingredients for several hours, creating the perfect textured fudgy treats! We have won national awards and local rave reviews with our large tasty collection of fudges!

Our caramel apples are truly unique! Using only the freshest granny smith apples, homemade caramel and toppings, they are an amazingly delicious treat! Try several of our famous flavors like apple pie, Death by chocolate, and Oreo! You won’t be disappointed with our unique Big Bear flavors!

We love hearing from our customers!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or for special orders! We love making specialized treats for our favorite customers. Try a custom dessert at your next birthday, get together, or sponsorship event! Big Bear Chocolates make the most professional events even more fun!

Big Bear Chocolates include dairy, nuts, and gluten products. For a list of specialty products for consumers with allergen and special requests, please email us directly on our contact form! We strive to provide all of our customers with delicious treat experiences! You can also give us a call at (509) 891-2662! Thank you for choosing Big Bear Chocolates Strawberry Kissed Caramel Apple!


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